10 of the Best Woodworking Tools for Beginners

Knowing what to buy when you’re a beginner can save you money and time. It also makes sure you start a large range of projects, instead of being held back by not having the right equipment.

Here are 10 of the best woodworking tools for beginners:

1. Crosscut saw

Crosscut saws are characterized by their finer teeth and better teeth-per-inch, this is a saw used to cut across the grain of timber.

2. Ripsaw

Ripsaws when compared to a crosscut saw have longer teeth and less teeth-per-inch, and are used to cut along the grain of timber, such as when cutting a large sheet in half. Read more about how to choose a good hand saw.

3. Chisel set

Chisels are great for crafting your project’s finer details and creating beautiful and complicated joints.

Tip: Make sure your chisels are sharpened before use.

4. Hand planer

Shaping timber can be difficult without one.  A hand planer can smooth down and shape edges using long strokes.

5. Sanding block

Sanding blocks are critical for shaping down corners, pieces and getting great finishes on your projects.

6. Square

Joints that are square are essential for making projects that are both strong and don’t look like they will fall over in a brief wind.

7. Steel Rule and Tape Measure

Tape measures will help you measure out over long distances while a metal rule will reliably measure smaller, detailed work to the millimetre.

8. Hammer and Wooden Mallet

Hammers are great for forcing in nails, however only a mallet will do for your chiselling work. Mallets can also be used for forcing in joints and wood without damaging the timber.

9. Nail punch

Nail punches help you push nails just under the surface of the timber so that you can create a flawless and safer surface finish.

10. Power drill

Apart from drilling flush holes and fastening screws, a good power drill has many interesting functions when combined with a range of different add-on accessories.

Don’t Forget to be Safe

Professionals and beginners alike should take safety seriously, since you don’t want any nasty surprises. Also make sure you have:

  1. Dust mask – protect your lungs.
  2. Safety glasses – avoid getting tools or rubbish in your eyes.
  3. Hearing protection – essential when using heavy machinery or avoiding the neighbours kids.

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