5 Top Woodworking Forums in 2014

Top woodworking forums are a great for learning from other experienced hobbyists, get practical feedback or even buy or sell tools. You can post questions and get answers from more senior members, help others or just compare notes about projects you’re working on.

Here are 5 of the woodworking forums in 2014.

Woodwork Forums

With over 91,000 threads and over 163,000 members, Woodwork Forums is a massive site. It covers a very large range of topics so you are sure to find in-depth discussion about many different areas.

Woodworking Talk Forums

The Woodworking Talk forum is also very large. There are over 46,000 members, with deep discussion threads in Woodwork Design and Plans, Wood Finishing and Project Showcases.

Woodnet Forums

There is a great discussion of Hand Tools and Woodnet Forums, and even a free classifieds section where you can buy and sell tools.

Wood Talk Online

Wood Talk Online has over 9,800 members and discusses a range of topics, with particularly good emphasis on Powertools, Woodworking Journals,

Fine Woodworking Forums

The Fine Woodworking Forums has a great archived Q&A with noted woodworkers, and other great discussions on power tools and wood finishing.

Honourable mentions:

  1. Workshop Addict
  2. Woodworkers Institute Forums
  3. Woodwork UK

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